Communal Green Production Cell
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WaelAlSaad is proposing a project which is to develop a modular cell as basic for an organic bottom-up economic body, where the cell operates as an eco-system of holistic integrated green de-centralized production. All products and services run under unified hybrid trademark.

The basic idea is to develop out of the cell large scale cooperation through a living vital conversational economic bottom up platform. In later phases of the development people from western has the appropriate technology and know-how can be the partners of the so called third country people instead of others global capital giants. Holistic green economy becomes the vehicle for global progressive unity and global effectively operating "green mind".


Practical, Holistic Economy for New Understanding of Work

In this sense most of contribution and dynamic to change the world will flow into constructive healing holistic economic equation, which will increase the efficiency and density of the intentions for the good. To develop healing economic values rather than creating and exchanging lot of theoretical intellectual efforts, beside inventing the wheel so often. Similar solutions will be condensated into sustainable economic application.

The good thing about holistic economy - the combination and integration of all possible cycles of exchange, which is "technical set-up"- that "we" do not change the people, for whom life is only about struggling for their livelihood. We do not propagate for any world view. Actually no one can change any one, so that the world would get changed. But we can set up a new "environment" and new understanding for "work" and "profession", which will develop a climate stimulate the awaking intelligence and the seek for self-experience in freedom.

Reducing Fear

We can set up an environment with absence of fear, which is the root prevent people changing or dissolving their life patterns. Destructive patterns they are used to and comfortable within in absence of functional alternatives. These alternatives can be shaped through the equation of free market.

Being part of holistic unified economic platform, cares and works for all within and owned by is being part of secure environment (human security). When the corporation has the resources to cover all individual and community development needs (organic food, eco-architecture/shelter, health and wellness, self-education, .. ), such a feeling will emerge and transcend within the whole economic value network for life serving creation.

A Shared Culture of Self-Empowerment

kinda of eco-social economy .. but the new is the

  • cells-network/web/medium
  • with its regional central departments having global hub. Where the
artist and the farmer, the engineers, etc. are partners are can exchange roles (dynamic alignment) if possible (*holistic *coverage of sustainable economic possibilities). Where meta-currency take action under one *nexus hybrid trademark*. The principle are the most complex part to agree on, not the technology I think. But I think we will have to agree on denominator we keep further-developing, which is for sure will much better than any existing global neolibral corporation. The central departments will take over the role of the so many NGOs for example, as the involved community will cover all aspects for social change in there environment, which becomes within the topology I am proposing border less.

Do you and groups discussing the establishment of such a bottom up corporation? If develop the theory and the modular design of the cell, we will be able quickly find partners around the world. What I imagine is that lot of small ditches and streams will form new strong dynamic and new powerful coalitions, which will dissolve the "pyramid" making it flat, becoming a model will then become a reference can be easily adapted.

A partnership supports self-empowerment of the human and the nature.

Hybrid shift from Existing (Global) to New (Green, Local) Economy

If you are ready for the shift or already within, we can shift our positions in the dominating economic in-crises matrix and develop alternative functional healing one. Imagine the huge sum of intelligence and co-creative constructive ideas will be integrated in developing the products and services for humanity and earth.

In this sense we use the free global market and economy to unify the new world borderless progressive dynamic to construct and sustain humanity and life on the planet integrating individual interaction on job-site within comprehensive understanding of live values.

There is millions of progressive groups and organizations dealing with sustainable life-ecology, social and climate justice etc. All need funds from formal world. Many networks-meshes exist. There is many tries to from intellectual platform to unify the energy and build synergy, which is very complex approach. There is many groups developing different technical communication solutions. There is so many efforts to build constructive synergy accelerate change. Meanwhile we all have or need work/jobs, which is mostly part of old destructive world. The idea is to integrate what we are looking for, the life style of sharing and cooperating, and to include the change we want to see in ONE vital economic corporation, belongs us all.

We won’t be competing any system, but showing difference collectively amplifying the global transformation process.

Rural life

"Planting" the cell in rural areas will reduce unemployment making being part of the body very lucrative ..

Bottom-Up Network of Cells

The modular green production cell design together the principles can be the basic for global hybrid trademark and the bottom up holistic Green Corporation.

Any person becomes a part of this organism will experience that life is not there only to insure short minded livelihood. Being part of the local/regional/global structure will pursue feeling of absence of fear, joy and if you want even love. The communication infrastructure between the cells and central departments will be the social networking platform of the involved communities.

I believe the best tactics to establish collaboration coalitions between the sites and groups with similar intentions is to use conservation holistic economy as a vehicle.

Modular: benchmarking and franchising

The modular principle is something similar to McDonald’s sites easy to benchmark every where in rural areas.

Road Map

Janet, i am much delighted to know you. You message came in good time, where I am accumulatnig my energy to organize my thoughts in order to put them on worksnet wiki Andrius started, where I will get help in editing and organizing the concept carries the idea.

I really need help to discuss such a model to see if it is a valid idea and how far it can be of being developed, or it might be none applicable delusion.

It would be great if you could share your feedback to give me some orientation.

May be you can connect me with groups are having similar discussion. Or give me and recommendation

Thanks for your interest and giving insight

Potential Partners

I hope Architecture for Humanity can play a positive role to give the idea a professional touch. This will encourage me to present the concept to local actors and polticians. More important to evaluate the idea and see if it make sense. I would love to chat with them.

Just to let you knwo, that I met Gigi and Krystina at Tamera summer university this year. Krystina is also trying give help.


Recent discussion is taking place at Ned.Com

Here are briefly charts and

The first article I wrote introducing this concept as a pilot for Palestine



AndriusKulikauskas October 5, 2009 6:16 CET Hi Wael, I have made this page using your letters. I look forward to working more together.

Sat, 31 Oct 09 20:32:17 +0000 AndriusKulikauskas: Hi Wael, it looks like you've been working here. We could try to help make contact with Architecture for Humanity, maybe somebody in our network knows them.

Tue, 03 Nov 09 17:37:19 +0000 Wael: Andrius, I can not get my mind free for my passion .. my current job different from what I really looking for. I must take new agreements for results with my self soon.

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