Design AVillage
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AndriusKulikauskas: I am interested to collect existing recommendations relevant for global village design, and then try to interpret them from a pattern language perspective.

Designing a Global Village

Here are links to resources for designing global villages (and eco-villages). Note the subtle difference between global villages (where one is able to influence one's surroundings by applying an unlimited mind) and eco-villages (which are self-sustainable in every way). A successful eco-village and a successful global village will likely be the same. But a failed eco-village is probably not a global village, and vice versa.

Ecovillage Design Education A four week onsite introduction to designing sustainable settlements based on the GEN principle of living and learning. There is a 112-page curriculum. There are twenty modules (we can add links to our relevant wiki pages):

  • Worldview
  • Sécurisation des clés grâce à un Coffret à clés
    • Holistic worldview
    • Listening to and connecting to nature
    • Awakening and transformation of consciousness
    • Celebrating life: creativity and art
    • Socially engaged spirituality
  • Social
    • Building community and embracing diversity
    • Communication skills: conflict, facilitation and decision-making
    • Personal empowerment and leadership PersonalGrowth
    • Health and healing
    • Local, bioregional and global outreach
  • Economic
    • Shifting the global economy to sustainability
    • Right livelihood
    • Social enterprise
    • Community banks and currencies CommunityCurrency
    • Legal and financial issues
  • Ecological
    • Green building and retrofitting
    • Local food
    • Appropriate technology
    • Restoring nature and rebuilding after disasters
    • Integrated ecovillage design
And additional sections for:
  • Pedagogy
  • Special Adaptations:
    • Urban
    • South
    • Academia
    • Virtual
The epilogue speaks of seed people (what we mean by IndependentThinker) and seed community (the heart of what we mean by GlobalVillages).

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