ERDEInternal Meeting In Teesside Minutes

Minutes to our internal meeting in Teesside 26th January 2005

Participants: David Wortley, Waclaw Idziak, Darius Bartos, Piotr Chylarecki, Doris Kiesling, Franz Nahrada, Arthur Spiegler, Christine Hofbauer, Jutta Croll, Rimante Galiniene, Vilija Pleskaite

To do list:

  Who What Deadline  
  Tini Minutes of the meeting in Teesside 3rd February  
  David Dates for vitual classroom Mid of February  
  Franz Text for RIC brochure End of February  
  Every partner Infos of every wokshop for our homepage to Andrius End of February  
  Franz Clarify the meeting in Slovenia Mid of March  
  Jutta Info about meeting in Berlin End of March  
  Tini Question forms for evaluation to every partner End of March  
  Every partner evaluation End of July  


  1. ) Meeting in Germany
  2. ) Documentation
  3. ) Homepage, WIKI and virtual classroom
  4. ) G1-Project and quo vadis without G1
  5. ) Evaluation and cooperations
Ad 1)

Jutta will clarify with the german socrates agency if a meeting in germany is possible (if they can invite us, as we do not have any budget for a additional meeting!). Topic for the meeting in Berlin would be of course our RIC. Jutta will send us asap info.

This meeting should be held 2 days at the beginning of June: german multipiers and target groups should be there, german and international ruralnet, NIACE etc.

Patricia.whaley(AT) is very interessted in cooperation!!

Ad 2)

Within our proposal we mentioned a lot of documentation. So an CD-rom as well. This CD should be build up like that:

Workshop Austria

  • Program
  • All presentations
  • Photos + report like a diary of the excursions (ppt!)
Workshop Germany, and so on and so on

Franz would like to have a brochure as a marketing folder for the idea of RIC in every language of our partnership. But is there budget in every country? Not every partner needs such a folder. So we decide that Franz makes a text proposal first and then look what to do.

Ad 3) Homepage, WIKI and virtual classroom

Our Homepage http;// needs always information of all partners! Please have a look and send if possible photos and infos of partners to Andrius.

All links/email of every presenter and interessted contacts during all workshops shall be placed on our homepage � Andrius is waiting for your input!!

The german speaking multiplier find all information on dorfwiki, while the english version you will find at

For the national project work we might use other subsections or national wikis (Andrius?)

Virtual Classroom:

Let`s meet twice till the workshop in summer in Lithuania: David will give us the dates! Every meeting will have a agenda (maybe with interessted presenters?)

The next meting should be held first half of March 2005.

Ad 4) G1 project � RIC

We discussed a lot about the days of open learning. Some have different ideas to create such days � let`s be open for every creativity!

We ask every partner to look for other programs (national + international!) to finance our RIC. Even when we get fundings, this will not be mor than 55% so we all need additional financing.

Ad 5) Evaluation and cooperation

As at the end of our partnership project we must create a final report there is also an evaluation within! Tini will send a question form to you � please have a look if we can work with that!

Arthur remind us to stay in contact with various cooperation partners e.g. ECOVAST (they made a guide to good practice; ECOVAST landscape identification!!

Cooperations could be a good topic for the meeting in Slovenia � Franz will clarify that.

For the minutes, with kind regards

Tini Hofbauer, Austria

31th January 2005

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