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GIVE - Research Lab for Life in the Global Villages, is am association under Austrian Law founded in 1998. GIVE is an acronym for Globally Integrated Village Environment

GIVE is active since 1992 and was previously a department of the Center for Social Innovation, Vienna.

GIVE is acting as a catalyst organisation for social innovations possible and required by the potential of telecommunication and information technology. As this catalyst, it works as organizer of conferences and meetings.

Our main focus is sustainable development in its relation to information and communication technologies. Information and communication are the most powerful tools to shape physical environments, and GIVE is devoted to the full comprehension of this power.

GIVE has created two major events: the "Global Village" Conference and Exhibition in the Vienna City Hall, and the "Cultural Heritage in the Global Village" event in the Vienna Museum of Modern Arts. It has produced research on Telecenters and Telework and empowered locations and also a film about the "monastery of the future"

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