!!Institute for Symbolic Analysis and Development of Information Technology

IPAK is a NPO and NGO research institute with 6 employees and 10 researchers. Expertise:

Research in education (n-learning, use of ICT in education, new way of teaching and learning, dynamic learning model) ICT for economic development in transitional countries, web services, implementation of research results in pilot courses. XML, SVG Technologies, web design and production, ODL.

Experience in cooperation at local, national and trans-national level

  • Leonardo E-know-net participant responsible for ODL analysis and Web Design
  • Minerva Distance Learning Course in Science and Engineering Using Case
  • Studies Online co-ordinator, preparation of case studies, collaboration with industry and preparation of educational materials in digital form (finished)
  • Teleworking, Home-based Business and Development of New Jobs national project, role co-ordinator, research in field of dynamic learning and new job creation.
  • Development of Open Source Educational Portal, national project
  • Development of Young Inventors Network, national project
  • E!2812 -COGGRAPH A Cognitive Intelligent System For Operating Control, Eureka project
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