Kerry Santo

David and all, please read more about Kerry Santo at I think she's one of the top networkers in the world and it would be great if she might be your teammate at ERDE. Can you help her come to any of the meetings?


KerrySanto: yeah would be a good tie in also was checking into the knowledge economy in Vilnius there maybe some people there you can talk to i really need to come and see your place at some point

Andrius: David Wortley can get you here in the summer if he has the ERDE funds

KerrySanto: i dont think i will have the funds to go

Andrius: yes but he has travel funds that he might be able to give you

KerrySanto: will you ask him

Andrius: because he has ERDE support you ask him

KerrySanto: he knows you better

Andrius: tell him that I encouraged you being part of his team not much better Franz has also encouraged

KerrySanto: okay will check up on that

Andrius: we're both supportive of you on this tell him we think that you could be a good part of his team Learn what you might do valuable for him. How could your network help him? Tell him you want to go, and this is what you could contribute, and that we encouraged you to approach him.

KerrySanto: well i have thought that it would be from what he does with elearning and the webinars and stuff

Andrius: Also, sign up for the ERDE discussion group, see sure

KerrySanto: its all in german

Andrius: some letters but not all sign up for that

KerrySanto: okay where is slovenia?

Andrius: Just east of Italy, the northernmost part of what was Yugoslavia

KerrySanto: is that where the erde conference is?

Andrius: yes, and then Berlin and then Lithuania Lithuania in July I think

KerrySanto: okay will have to renew my passport

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