The ERDE project was hosting a workshop for multipliers and the international team in each country where the strengths and best practice projects were shown, followed by a presentation at the website and other medias (CD-Rom etc.)

You can expect to see

  • The participants from our consortium and from outside
  • The programme
  • The presentations
  • The results

The meeting pages are here:

  1. ThisWiki:ERDE/ViennaMeeting Austria - held in November 2003
  2. CoburgMeeting Germany - held in March 2004
  3. BezenyeViennaMeeting Hungary, Austria - held in June 2004
  4. MalechowoMeeting Poland - held in September 2004
  5. UniversityOfTeessideMeeting United Kingdom - held in January 2005
  6. VelenjeMeeting Slovenia - held in May 2005
  7. BerlinMeeting Germany - held 20th/21st June 2005
  8. VarenaMeeting Lithuania - held 4th/6th July 2005
Note also our schedule of activities from our proposal.

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