participants from Austria:



Christine Hofbauer

Doris Kiesling

Markus Kiesling

participants from Slovenia:

no participants

participants from Poland:

three participants

participants from Germany:

no participants

participants from UK:

David Wortley

Participants from other Countries:

Russia: Gleb Tiurin wants to come!! - no, unfortunately he is busy....

Belgium: Dante Am also interested - and can settle my own travel costs - eventually interested in discussing alternative solutions concerning logging if no other can be found ( tent? )

Andrius: Dante, let's keep in touch, and I can help with that. Here in Vilnius I know an old lady that you might stay with. And in Varena I can look into camping and also alternative places.

Dante Thanks Andrius! I ll try to contact some people in Vilnius. I m sure it will not be a problem. Looking forward to meet you in Berlin, Lithuania, or elsewhere. I am currently in Belgrade, Serbia.

Dante : I might not be able to come to Lithuania - will keep this updated

Andrius: Kerry Santo will not be able to come.
FranzNahrada I still feel it would be great to have participants from the Baltics and Scandinavia on the base of "observation" status. If we want to keep ERDE alive, we must enlarge it and give it a mission.

I can see now we will stay a pretty small group Franz

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