Similar Projects

Similar projects from different points of view:

From the point of View of Public Internet Access Points as Learning Places

PuLLS (Public Libraries in the Learning Society) is a European-wide research project, funded by the EU's Socrates Programme, which aims to improve the availability, accessibility and quality of educational provision for adults across European public libraries. The project is running from December 2004 to the end of 2006, and involves partners from the UK, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain and Denmark.

From the point of view of Coaching

Open World Dante-Gabryell Monson suggests an informal network of individuals and communities to facilitate couples (important element to have male and female in balance) who act as traveling instigators of (self-) learning processes

Technological facilitators of networking skills

Knowledge Practices Laboratory is a vast European Project that promotes coevolution of individual, collective and organizational learning with technology like shared collaborative spaces, semantic web knowledge services, communication platform, ubiquitous user agents. They write: "In order to be trulyproductive, collaborative technologies cannot fully be specified beforehand but need to coevolve with social practices and be further modifiable according to the users' emerging needs and practical innovations. Consequently, the KPLab is really a "laboratory" in terms of providing a testbed for developing transformative knowledge practices for educational institutions and workplaces

  • Centre for Networked Learning and Knowledge Building
  • Department of Psychology
  • Faculty of Behavioural Sciences
  • Coordinator Liisa Ilomäki, M.A. (University of Helsinki,

Information Village Research Project (IVRP)

GIAN- Gujarat Grassroots Innovation Augmentation Network

SRISTI society for research and initiatives for sustainable technologies and institution

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