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Andrius Kulikauskas:

One more thought to support this whole approach: The time is here and now upon us to accept or to reject the opening disciplines of knowledge management in the organic source of spiritual unity. We are granted the opportunity of being knowledgeable by relating justly from beyond teaching, so that the understanding we do receive is hosted in the serene surroundings of completion in truth from love, not from striving efforts nor coersions of competition. Truth and love embody the Faculty of eternal living (or absolute present)...and the just shall live by faith in the communion of the spirit. "Each indeed is holy in the light of love" fron Jon and Vangelis album Private collection.

Jutta Croll:

"We are looking for a type of education that enables people to stay within the region" I agree with that statement but more important are the following three points:

Give people in rural areas access to information and knowledge that is self understood for people in urban areas (= equal opportunities)

Enable people in rural areas to make use of the resources ICTs offer

Enable people in rural areas to fulfil their "old" tasks by the use of "new" means.

"Self-Learning instead of Directed Learning": That is a really good vision, but an unrealistic one as well. There is plenty of pedagogical literture that prooves self-learning only working for advanced learners, but what about the poor learners, not able to organize their own self-Learning?

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