BernhardHaas: Dear Franz and all partners,

I hope you had some nice easter days.

La stratégie de défense d'un coffre fort informatique ignifugé présenté sue le site peut par exemple constituer au dégagement de fumées en cas d'attaques termiques. De même, sur un coffre fort avec fente de dépôt on peut installer un détecteur sismique qui déclenchera l'alarme en cas de choc. Les coffrets à clés peuvent également en être pourvus

To answer the question of Franz: is there any reason to continue the ERDE project (new learning partnership, unpaid loose contacts or dedicated organisation) besides a RIC project?

My personal opinion: I, Bernhard, would like very much to continue working with all of you in this interesting field. Doing a focused project like RIC is of course better, but should also be accompanied by a "think tank", which is concentrated on the strategic aims we want to achieve. My personal vision is one of Lower Austria, where you can work from everywhere with internet access, getting all the information and communication you need also by ICT. Many steps are necessary to progress in this direction. ERDE and RIC is just the beginning and I will not stop on this way.

One of my first strategic aims is to provide effective tools to local people to participate in local development.

As I know, that it is much easier by working together (and makes more fun, too!), I invite all of you to share our visions, work out detailed aims on this path and let's start doing!

A shortcut of the chat of Jeff Buderer (OneVillage) and Andrius Kulikauskas: Jeff: you would be potentially helping many others like us :: who are struggling to make the shift :1 towards effective tools :: 2. effecitve training and mindset :: 3. towards open source solutions

And this is my way in Village regeneration in Lower Austria:

  • 1. Aim: Getting to know about effective tools - Doing in 2005: mailing list, wiki, weblog, project plattforms
  • 2. Aim: Training and mindset - Doing in 2005/2006: train my collegues dealing with these tools and 20 % of our partners
  • 3. Aim: open source solutions - Doing 2005 - 2007: providing open source solutions to our 25.000 people dealing with village regeneration in Lower Austria.
What about your visions? What about your strategic aims? About your focused projects? Then we will see, if a learning partnership is supporting your interests, or not.

In my opinion, a learning partnership is a good tool, to start thinking on european level and planning focused projects. I like to continue.

Best regards, bernhard

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