Time Schedule

Here is a provisional Time Schedule for the Varena Meeting, from the point of view of Austrians arriving already on the 2nd of July:

Program for the ERDE meeting in Varena

Main Theme: Country tourism, education and rural development

2 of July - arrival of Austrians in Vilnius. This is a combination with a weekend tour to get acquainted with the country.

3 of July ? reccomended time of arrival. There might be transfer from Vilnius to Varena.

4 of July: VARENA DAY

8.00-9.00 breakfast at cottages (wooden houses), guest houses in diferents villages;

9.00-10.00 all participants are gathered and arrival in Varena;


10.00-13.00 Conference at Varena tourism and information center (TIC):

- Announcement. Presentation of school?s activity ? teaching of students and adults (from Labour Exchange, farmers), educating teachers and local people, links with tourism (director V. Pavalkis or E. Cepuliene)

- Announcement. Marcinkoniai community project about internet (R. Aviziene)

- Announcement. How rural tourism influences education? (TIC director A. Juskevicius)

- What is the role of the indentifcation of the characteristics of a location, in rural tourism and in a rural development in general? (A. Juskevicius, Franz Nahrada).

- Other projects in villages (G. Jaroniene)

13.00-14.00 diner (at café ?Saka?)

14.00 Presentation of independent thinkers activities;

- A. Juskeviciaus workshops

14.45 -18.00 Discussions and project requirements at Varena ITC:

- ERDE reports and final requirements (Tini Hofbauer, Doris Kiesling)

18.00-19.00 supper at café ?Saka? accommodation in villages


7.30-8.30 breakfast

8.30-9.50 gathering from villages and trip to Merkine (Southwest of Varena)

- Merkine TIC (Dzukija national park information);

- Thematic village - black ceramic , Maksimoniai village

1. P. Pretkelio cottage, demonstration of work, kiln.

2. E. Petraitienes cottage,

3. Hill of history, ethnographic museum , hill of crosses;

13.00 continue trip to Marcinkonis.

13.30 -14.30 dinner at Marcinkonys (?Eglis? guest house)

14.30 Presentation of independent village thinkers activities and discussions at the Dzukijos national part tourism center:

1. visit to Sakalai cottage, presentation of their activities (internet page, clothing, ethnography ect.) (S. Sakalas);

2. The role of Dzukija national park in education, saving men craft (wickerwork camp and other activities) (M. Lapele)

3. Can communication between villages help to improve skills and crafts? (partners ?)

4. How can villages form clusters? (presenter and moderator to be determined)

5. The future of ERDE (partners?)

18.00 supper at guest house ?Eglis? accommodation in villages

6 of July Dzukija DAY

8.00-9.00 breakfast free time

11.30 dinner 12.00 trip to the old and ethnographic villages (Zervynai, Ziurai, Margionys).

17.00 evening at guest house ?Eglis? in Marcinkonys. Accommodation in villages


7 of July departure

Dear partners, write, when You want to depart from Varena. We are waiting Your answer!!

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