Velenje Meeting Agenda

The final programme and the preceding conversation: Stanko Blatnik <stanko blatnik(AT)>

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Meeting in Velenje Agenda

Dear All,

Here is preliminary agenda for the Velenje meeting:

Thursday 19th of May

10,00 to 12,30 Velenje Experience in Open and Distance Learning, Virtual Network of Innovators, Young in the Creative Society.

(there will be several breaks)

12,30 - 14,00 Lunch break

14,00 - 15,30 A) Creative Theme Villages and Theme Village Clusters

15,30 - 16.00 Break

16,00 - 17-00 Short presentation about Slovenia and Velenje

17,00 - 20,00 trip around Šaleška Valley

Friday 20th of May

9- 10,30 B) Implementation of Living and Working Opportunities

10,30-11,00 Break

11,00-12.30 C) Education around crafts and agriculture with the help of IT.

12,30-14,00 Lunch break

14,00- 16,00 final meeting discussion three main fields (A,B,C) that Franz Nahrada identified as additional issues of ERDE, and we will be well of in our final report when we can show the scope of our activities . the scope of our "learning partnership".

If you have any suggestion we are ready accept it. I hope that you will have nice time in Slovenia.


P.S. Do not forget to take your swimming suits Topolsica is famous Spa. Look at

Concerning A, B, C...

this is going back to the following letter:

Letter from Franz to Stanko:

Blatnik Stanko <stanko> on Freitag, 4. Februar 2005 at 17:54 Uhr +0100 wrote:

Dear Franz, do you know when we shall have Erde workshop in Slovenia. We have to start with preparation now. Please let us know as soon as possible. Thanks Stanko

Dear Stanko, dear all,

it was very good talking to Stanko this morning on the phone and have the feedback that our Slovenian friends are willing and up to contribute to ERDE with a Workshop in Slovenia this coming spring.It is sad that they could not participate in the second years events in Malechowo and Teesside, but there is will to be part in whatever comes out of ERDE and participate - and host an unforgettable workshop, too.

Now we are facing the situation of having one additional worksop on 20th of June in Berlin, where we will focus on the operational aspects of redefining our RIC proposal, and having our final workshop in Lithuania, where we will be confronted with some marginal village situations, where we will have to again do a reality check on the impact and goals of RIC and similar tools. (I had a long conversation with Andrius today about the fact that there is Internet access and the willingness to learn, but also a lack of resources of many kinds which could be turned into an incentive for creativity and improvement of lifes circumstances by directing attention to what the global access to knowledge and ingenuity can offer in this special situations.)

We have agreed in England and I also agreed now with Stanko that in the limited time we still have in our project together, the Slovenian Workshop should have a very special function; it should not be charged primarily with the RIC issue, which we want to take up in Berlin, but it should give opportunity to identify all the other strands that were not given enough time and attention in the course of our workshops, but appeared time and again in our travels and conversations. I think we will have the time here to "brew" the networks and proposals that are a backing to the continuation and improvement of the ERDE network and its linkages to similar communities.

The most important of these "strands" which by themselves constitute very promising opoportunities for EU projects are:

A) Creative Theme Villages and Theme Village Clusters - like the one we have seen in Malechowo. Waclav has allready begun to spin his networks and there is much that the ERDE community can do for this to succeed.

B) Implementation of Living and Working Opportunities - also for people working remotely with the help of information technology. There was widespread interest in Poland, Slovenia and other countries to join forces with the iVille consortium of Adolf Jändl, which is preparing the simultaneous and orchestrated emergence of televillage implantations in several (currently only 4) alpine villages. - GIVE is working in collaboration with Adolf Jändl and hopefully with the whole project consortium as part of a "board of friends and collaborators" and also on some issues regarding the future of telework (with ZSI and empirica). Our strong point is that in the village implementation we need to structurally implement models of Public Internet Access Points equal to those in Kirchbach, combined with regional information coaches, to create a node between old and new village, to foster information based economy, to improve the working atmosphere and environment, to constantly create new job opportunities and to fulfill a lot of additional needs that teleworkers family have - regarding education, health care, culture and so on. I consider AlpiVille one of the most important projects for the future of rural areas currently underway.

C) Education around crafts and agriculture with the help of IT. This is an important issue that we want to foster in Kirchbach and it surrounding region "Vulkanland", but we have also often tried to include those "rural" issues in the several ERDE agenda. Remember our visit in Norbertinum, also the plans about castle Trebnik and so on. Now Waclav has again come up with craft issues that might be interesting subjects for networking. Also, considering our work with Frithjof Bergmann and the Open Source Village plans, we might find global issues here.

These are the three main fields (1) that I could identify as additional issues of ERDE, and we will be well of in our final report when we can show the scope of our activities . the scope of our "learning partnership". In the present situation we are blessed with having the opportunity to focus exclusively on this subject in Slovenia, which also means:

- including learners from institutions and people from outside our institutions that can directly profit of such networking, - having enough time before the Slovenia Workshop to do matchmaking and fine-tuning.

Therefore I suggest we try to fix the date of that workshop in the midst of May (and not in April), so we are some weeks away from Berlin, but still have the opportunity also to even maybe send and include different teams to Berlin and Slovenia, briefing them and bring them in touch online. Time is very short!!

I suggest we do fine-tune this in the wiki: PLEASE MIND THAT WE WORK IN A NEW WIKI INTERNATIONALLLY

Please use the ERDE list for the preparation of Velenje, whereas the e ric list should be used for the preparation of Berlin!

Stanko made a suggestion in the Wiki, please start to discuss and expand the subpages, and keep us and everbody interested updated via the ERDE-lernpartnerschhaft list! If I may suggest, the main leaders for this should be Waclaw and Stanko. For GIVE, I will activate the Kirchbach team since we are able to do most joint projects from other there.

In the Wiki I created already:

Waiting for feedback, I send greetings to you all.


(1) see also AreasOfFutureCollaboration

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