Velenje Meeting Original Agenda

we have downscaled, so the following ideas are rather the maximum that we could not reach this time.

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  • IPAK's suggestion was as follows:
  • First day Ecological recovering of Saleska Valley.
City of Velenje ( one of largest industrial centre of Slovenia with coal mine(, Power Plant( and Gorenje( household manufacturing. This second wave industry made a lot of damage in the environment. However in last two decades strong efforts of environmental sannation have been made (system for desulphuruzation of gases in power plant, air quality monitoring system (, waste water treatment plant, recovering of huge lake becoming tourist centre, old coal min became popular coal mine museum, largest ecological institute Erico ( is working on improvement of environment in the valley). Some of projects are used as case studies in Minerva programme where IPAK with partners from Austria and Scottland developed distance learning course in computer process control explaining technical part of some environemntal projects ( With a little effort this projects can be used in the Erde as example of rebuilding community. our suggestion is that on first day we visit some of these objects and to discuss it.

  • second day large meeting at Velenje where ERDE project and IPAK's efforts in the open and distance learning for economic developemnt in Slovenia and Southeastern Europe will be presented.
  • third day visit of Trebnik ( castle at Slovenske Konjice where castle became educational and tourist centre reconstructed with public work. Trebnik has ambition to join enveronment, education and tourism. We suggest to have workshop there on which the experience of Trebnik will be discussed.
  • fourth day visit of the Logarska Valley ( one of the most beuatiful. alpine valleys. We shall organize a meeting with local meeting who are interested in sustainable development.Here we can visit several location and organize final meeting to make conclusions.
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