Attention! Thanks to our dear host Steve Thompson we now have a Picture Gallery from our meeting in the United Kingdom in January 2005!

ERDE is a partnership for

European Regional Development by means of Educational Activities

Our aim was and still is to develop together tasks and methods to build future education and communication structures for rural areas. We combine the strengths of our diverse Partners. (See our answers to the FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions)

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In order to guarantee a good information flow we have created the website WWW.ERDE.LT which serves as an entry point to our our pages at this wiki and to our discussion group. These serve us as discussion tools for new methods, studies and the exchange of experiences.

We are working on a curriculum for RegionalInformationCoaching
We writing a RICBrochure.
We are thinking about AreasOfFutureCollaboration.


ERDE was a Grundtvig learning partnership project between 2003 and 2005. We are trying to keep our partnership alive. We were exchanging methods and experiences to foster development of rural areas by means of educational activities with special emphasis on ICT and networks of several educational and regional institutions, encouraging democratic participation and cooperation.


Andrius: Franz, Thank you for your alert. I've put up an older page at for the meanwhile. I spoke with George yesterday that I will be redoing the ERDE website. David Wortley got in touch with me today regarding sending his Powerpoint presentation.

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