Fall 2006

BlogTalk Reloaded social software and blogs, Vienna, Austria, Oct 2-3, 2006.

Summer 2006

Hütten reunion

Pour des informations sur la sécurité, les coffres forts ignifuges et les artmoires fortes, visiter ce site sur la sécurité

Spring 2006

20th of March, EarthDay

Easter holidays: prep.meeting in [Abrami]

OneWorldBeat - Several groups in our network are getting together to promote OWB. These events include OVF's Unity Drums in San Jose and the the Minciu Sodas Laboratory's OrchardOfThoughts at the "Balti Drambliai ("White Elephant")Cafe in Vilnius, Lithuania. OWB brings people around the world sending out a message of peace and unity: playing music in One World Beat! One World Beat uses the power of music to create a positive message of solidarity and we want to invite you to join us.

20th of May: CalifiaSummit in the San Franscisco Bay Area

Winter 2005-2006

Call for Participation in a session at the Innovations and Reproductions in Cultures and Societies (IRICS) Conference in Vienna, 9. - 11. december 2005 by Franz Nahrada:\ TheOpenSourceVillage The goal of this section is to give room to a lot of transcultural processes of cooperation - namely, with the means of electronic media that enable people all over the world to improve and strengthen their local circumstance and duality of life by pooling know how, models, algorithms for autonomous use. We invite especially people from peripheral, isolated and rural areas to show what they could achieve or would like to achieve by sharing knowledge with people in similar circumstances.

Habitat Jam, December 1-4. It would be wonderful if other members of this community would share some of their visions and perspectives in the Habitat Jam - - that is being held in preparation for the June 2006 World Urban Forum 3, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Habitat II and the 30th of the original Habitat conference in Vancouver. There is an extensive body of documents relating to the Habitat Agenda - and to sustainability, education, water and a culture of peace at

Be aware, however, that if you choose to participate in the Habitat Jam, you will have to contend with a much more restrictive platform than is offered by the Wiki platform here.

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