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from the old PMWiki

! 2005-03-21

I am missing a feature "List all pages" in PM wiki. It should work also in a fractal way for all pages in a wikigroup.


! 2005-03-09

Please help us make a list of RSSFeeds to monitor regarding global villages. They can be from discussion groups, blogs, etc.

! 2005-03-05

I strongly recommend to rename Member Activity to recent changes. pm-wiki is a little different, I know, but recent changes is definetely the closes it get's. Think about all those coming in from the outsides the depth of wikilandia, how shall they find the most important button when it's called Membes Activity? {{Profiles.MattisManzel}}

Mattis, there are three recent changes here, because PM Wiki is a little bit more sophisticated.

I think this is much more useful than many other Wiki schemes.Profiles/FranzNahrada

! 2005-03-04

Hi there. Nice to find this decent wiki. Would you help with the WikiNode please. -- {{Profiles.MattisManzel}}

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