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The New Sphere of Knowledge -A proposal for a monastery of the 21st century together with Kim Veltman (1998)

/DigitalCreativity - A Visionary Visit to a Globe of Villages Keynote Speech at the second Cultural Heritage in the Global Village (CULTH2) Symposium 2002 in the Museum of Modern Arts, Vienna. (*)

Chioggia Lecture at an architecture students seminar


(*)I like very much this tech forecast - I did not even know wikis existed at that time!:

"Recently the editor of the Italian “Oltre” Magazine, Giovanni Abrami, suggested a scheme that linked the idea of the Virtual Community to the one of the Cultural Community, by distinguishing them through the ability to create not only a common set of values, goals and means, but also work towards common results and products. Maybe the traditional internet culture of virtual communities might be revitalized by the emergence of cultural communities with a substantial difference. While the traditional Internet communities were supported, but also restricted by standard procedures and tools – newsgroups, chats, email -, the emerging cultural communities might elaborate their own tools for sharing and designing and in this way become more independent and resistant against commercialization.."

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