Would be nice to have small but distinctive logo for Globalvillages.

Maybe we can upload some ideas and designs and discuss them on this page.

Ok, concepts for the logo (add, delete, comment):

  • world
  • landscape
  • village(s)
  • connectedness
  • self-reliance
  • travelling
First idea (to be modified and discarded): a worldmap unfolded and cut with the outline of some houses (of different shapes) - or looking at it in a different way, an outline filled in with a worldmap.

Second idea: a globe dottet with villages; maybe like an aerial view of some villages....

HelmutLeitner: I view the village less as a smaller architectural structure, but as a place of personal relationships. Where everybody knows each other, where people are greeting each other in the streets, not walking past each other silently. This is what the village can give e. g. to a topical community. It's the globe with a human face. I would love if a GV logo could reflect this human and social character.

Brei hey ! what about something like this one:


Great - thanks! - maybe the "islands" should be a mixture of shapes, not all rectangular - with some non-filled room between those shapes - perhaps with some colors? The idea is interesting and it does speak for itself LucasGonzalez

Maybe also the frame could be round, like the globe? Profiles/FranzNahrada

Brei okok, i'm sorry, took me quite a while... was busy.. maybe send me a mail as well for comments ? how do u like this one:

x brei : )

Andrius: Brei, Thanks! I like your image, I think it's great as such. I think that a logo is most useful if it is as simple as possible so that it can be used in a wide variety of settings, including tiny versions or black-and-white versions. Also, I think it should include the words "Global Villages" and set the font-type for that. Also, I think it should set a color scheme, so it should be just a few colors.

FranzNahrada The son of my dear friend Annerose in his childhood has drawn an image of a stilized sunflower, which I mistook for an image of planet earth. It inspired me very much and I hope to bring a scan or photo of that image forward. It is very good to point out:

  • That mother earth will boast with scintillating, shining particles which ornate its surface like gemstones, radiating in their unique colours....
  • That through this, the whole planet will get a noosphere, not only luminating like it allready does since million years from its magnificent surface and primarily from its great oceans, but also from its spiritual energy, which expands into the universe like the petals of a sunflower
  • that there is an invisible connection even of the planet to something bigger, which we can symbolize like the dark bole of the sunflower almost invisible connecting us to the spiritual ground of the universe.
I think if we ever go to design a flag, that would be a good scheme to do it. In your image, Brei, I see important elements. I see the petals, I see the visualisation of science and communication, so let us continue also this strand at a page for a GlobalVillages/GVFlag.
Andrius: Hi, Franz and all! Today I came up with a logo idea that I like for the Open Leader network:

I've thought a lot about how our members can use it. They can put it on their blogs, etc. and the logo will be located on our server, so that when we have "alerts" we can swap it with an image having the "key concept" of the open leader who is asking for help. This will help us think of each other in terms of our key concepts. So here are a few:




So people can post their own (with links to their profile page at our Open Leader wiki). Also the Open Leader logo will have a link to the confirmation page, and when there is an alert, that page will provide information, it will embed in itself the profile page of the person who is the leader for the alert. So I imagine this will be a way for us (and the visitors of uor websites) to be alert to each other.

Then I thought how this might apply to Global Villages, and I made a related logo:

Do you like it? If you do, then I could put it up. Or you might play around with it and make something better.

Also, because people will link into our server, we can always replace the logos with better ones.

What do you think?

Franz I have recently conceptualised a village for Global Villages also. How can I upload a file here?

Lucas Right near "edit page" there's "upload file". Ask Andrius for a password. Once you have uploaded it, it's easy to link to it (as you can immediately see when you edit this page).

Brei .... sorry, i moved some of my stuff around.. i updated the links again. i see what you mean with more clear, simpler color, please gimmi some time, work kills me at the moment ... see ya !!! brei

Andrius: Hi Brei, we definitely need help from a designer! Franz has a new idea for a logo (based on a flower). I will try to implement it. And then perhaps you might redo it for us (so that it would look good!) That would be great!

Brei ... sure email me as well please, i do not pop into here every day .. sorry ... i will also try to rework the thing i sent you tomorrow.. so.. lets see what we get ! laters

Brei ok, let me know what u think of these.. all variations of the same theme basically:

Andrius: Brei, thank you very much! I like the second one, because I think it is the most readable. I think they look good. I myself would use that. Franz had an idea for a logo, too, that he likes very much.

Andrius: Franz, here is your idea:

Yes, I agree, it's very nice. Here I've merged it with Brei's:

Franz: Thank you Andrius, now what we simply need to do is to rework it graphically so it really becomes applicable and nice. Brei has shown a good sense of artfulness, but maybe also others could suggest and help....

brei�. : well ok. sorry it's been a while again. but this is not bad for graphix, as you need a fresh eye anyway.

what i liked to achieve in all of the files i published, was to graphically show an open network. i did it on black for a while cause i wanted the joints of the network to be "glowing". What i dont understand when seeing Franz' "flower", is that it is not a network for me, but some smaller things growing from a bigger one, or in other words a big one being the basis for smaller ones. Which makes me think. Did i misunderstand the whole idea of global villages ? ........

I also was not sure of what shape these villages should have. This is why i chose the different fonts, as to represent a wide range of taste and culture.

i now went back to white as background, as it goes nicer with your white page-background, knots popping up, and growing while interconnecting... or something like that.. hehe. (i added an "on black" version to compare)

anyway. maybe the discussion is not over yet ? and sorry if i only pop in now and then.. really sorry.

Franz: sorry Brei I saw that only today and of course both is true. My image tries to visualize that there is a development that turns city into global villages, yet cities can fulfil a very important role as network hubs for the cultural, emotional, economic, technological etc. support of global villages.

The networking side, thoogh, is true as well...

lets medidate!

Andrius: Brei, I like your ideas! I like your use of the letters, and I think the network is a good idea, too. Is there a way to combine them, so that the letters are the nodes? Here's one way I imagine we might do that.


I think it's artistically compact with well defined boundaries. The words Global and Villages stand out. It feels like a network, but also the words Global and Villages are meshed together as concepts that are interconnected in many ways. It reads easily.

Lucas: Maybe the letters might form a circle and still be readable? Maybe the letters in the circle can connect to he sides too? Readability is one of the aims, or maybe color balance is more important. Maybe the "fonts" can be thought so as to have "letters" from all continents, like in wikipedia's "puzzle-world"? I'm thinking Arab and Asian patterns here. Dunno ... We can have non-letters - like the flower in place of the "O". Maybe the connecting lines can be different from each other, and not straight. More like the patterns in cloth. If this pattern is distinctive enough, in time we could even do without the letters around it - What do you think? the logo on top left, the moving europe flag, i like its dynamic something like that for you too ?


dieses logo links oben ist super, oder ? sowas in der art wär auch für euch gut

oder was meint ihr ?

AndriusKulikauskas: Yes that's interesting. But I think we first need a logo that works statically. By the way, who are you??? Just curious!

AndriusKulikauskas February 23, 2009 13:26 CET I've made a version of the logo to put up at our new interface for

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