Giovanni Abrami

GiovanniAbrami at the village his family stems from, Abrami in the Buzet area of Croatia

Giovanni Abrami lives in Padua, Italy. He is pursuing the idea of Global Villages for many years and he has established his own little Eco - Village center near Bassano del Grappa at Oliero in the Brenta Valley: Ai Calmi .

Giovanni has had his education as a Geographer in Padua and in other universities around the world. He was teaching as university professor at the University of Veneto (Venice and Padua), subjects architecture and landscape planning.

He wrote many books, especially on different environmental topics, now preparing a set of seven books explaining the idea of new relations between man and nature and new ways these relations can be practised, connected to the idea of global villages. (see below)

Contributions to the Global Villages Cosmos of Ideas

In 2002, we had a Global Villages Network Meeting together with Martin Kirchner and Aleksander Ostan in Ai Calmi, where Giovanni also invited some of his coworkers, especially from the Venice Lagoon Project. Giovanni pointed out that as much as he was rooted it the physical features of Global Village development, he was fascinated by the relation between Online Communities and emerging human settlements.

Endavours in the Global Villages Network

His interest now is to find interested people to start an experiment in actually building a Global Village, making it a home for cultural creative people that want to improve their own life circumstance and contribute by example to the exploration of new ways of living.

One group that can contribute a lot would be retired people from the academic world, that have accumulated lots of knowledge and experiences and yet are abandoned and separated from the academic community and people at large.

This special "Elders" Global Village could be a place of transfer between generations and cultures.

On one side it should be directed locally towards mentoring young people in a local community.

It should also be globally directed towards One World, dealing with people and villages in the third world to help them create a revival of their countries with new tools and new technologies. New Land management, solve ecological problems, contribute to social and political understanding.

Maybe Abrami could become such a GlobalVillage?

Publications and Reviews


You can reach Giovanni at gabram(AT)

visit ai calmi by internet:

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