Global Villages Concept Film


Information and Communication technologies enable us to live in an entirely different way. We can carefully choose the place that we consider the centre of our life and work, we can shape it with others according to our deepest values, and we can start to densify it with human relations and technologies.

This leads to the emergence of places that some, like FranzNahrada, a visionary from Austria, call "Global Villages". He thinks that in less than 50 years 80 % of mankind will switch to a new lifestyle which is centered about intensively refined locality and the upmost importance of the microcosm.

This means that in your immediate neighborhood you can not only acquire knowledge and do university diploma, but also have the best health support, produce most of the things and resources necessary for life and will have richer human experiences than ever before.

Nahrada thinks that this "Hyperlocalisation" is the inevitable consequence of todays Globalisation and global sharing of information, but also a promising way to save the planet from many environmental costs of mobility and transportation. Empowering the local is possible through enormous increses in knowledge and understanding.

A team of filmmakers around the world led by Spanish Director Synnove Mathe will join forces to show the seeds of these new enlightened villages. "You dont need to think that you are confined to one place in your life", Nahrada says. "but our life will oscillate between such nourishing local focal points and our mind will be finally at home again. And as a byproduct we will physically become part of the planetary ecosystem again and overcome the deadly crisis of environmental destruction of our own habitat."

In a first stage, a 20 Minutes introduction into the idea of GlobalVillages will be produced.


Franz, how about a series of ten 2-minute YouTube videos? AndriusKulikauskas, October 9, 2007


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