Green Learning Villages
A Theme that may yield Patterns

This is what we wrote about the "Learning Island of Mljet"

"We see and appreciate the opportunity embedded in this unique situation: a national parc on an island with a spiritual center can interact with its surrounding living spaces as a focus of shaping the future relation between man and nature.

As National Parcs are not only meant for the preservation of nature, but also for education, the special issue carried out in this national parc could be: to create a meeting place, a discussion forum and a laboratory situation for the relation between sustainability and human development.

The uniqueness of the local circumstance could well support the thinking and acting towards a balanced future of the island and the region.

And the many visitors that come here to admire Natural beauties, could also admire human ingenuity to prserve these natural beauties and live comfortably and safely within them. Compost toilets, solar energy, water treatment....the technologies and behaviours that we urgently need even in the hearts of our cities could be learned about and experienced here."

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