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EdJonas wrote, but this seems to be resolved...

Note this is somewhat confusing as clicking on global village can give either of two different links

someone made a globalvillages/globalvillages page and it is confusing the links for instance sometimes when you click the sidebar it will take you to a global villages page and sometimes it will take you to a different global villages page therefore

when naming pages do not repeat the prename ie globalvillages/globalvillages as this will lead to confusion

I agree but there are Auto Link Strategies and the possibility to define which one of both links we want to activate. If we are inside the GlobalVillages domain, we want to have GlobalVillages as a link to this page. So you see how I made intentional use of both linkage possibilities FranzNahrada

Yes I see and saw sort of that it was a subdomain. Perhaps in that case then could we just give such a number like globalvillages/globalvillages2 to indicate that. That would be helpful I think to avoid confusion and help facilitate usage. Thanks. (EdJonas)

In my opinion that would raise confusion. It is rather a MediaWiki approach, where namespaces do not allow multiple usage of a term. But I am very grateful that you are so active in working on the wiki. Maybe we should skype?? My skype handle is globalvillagesinfo.

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