Sola Roof Wiki
Hello GlobalVillages friends,

I would like to introduce the SolaRoof technology that is supported and documented at the SolaRoofWiki, which everyone is invited to visit. We are very interested in the application of our solar technology and building integrated "ecological life support" systems. Rather than developing our EcoVillage section of our Wiki we will be encouraging participation here. The technical aspects will continue over at the SolaRoofWiki but the social, economic, and political aspects are better supported here at GlobalVillages.

Therefore we see many areas of collaboration and I look forward to see how our cooperation will develop over the months and years to come. Since both Wiki are run on PmWiki software it should be easier for cross over issues to be handled.

All content in this wiki is PublicDomain except as noted otherwise. Please be kind to our authors! changed: April 22, 2006