Wiki Advice
Rick Nelson Hi friends,

It is great to see this collaboration get off the ground and I will create a link from our navigation sidebar to your homepage so that it is easy to for our members and visitors to jump over here. I will give Andres Yver an introduction and perhaps he will have some suggestions for creating a custom "look and feel" for your wiki. If you visit SolaRoof right now you will see that we have protected the wiki from serious attacks of vandalization by establishing a login system for members. This was a difficult decision but I believe that it is the right thing to do for the present to protect our work and reduce the disturbance caused by the spammers. There are more of my thoughts on that at my log entry for today

Also, I would like to point out that PmWiki/PmWiki has a Profiles PmWiki/WikiGroup in each wiki that is a register for members and it is set up like this [=Solaroofguy=] which create the Profiles link. So I will register my nickname Solaroofguy and that will set up my Profiles/Solaroofguy page here at Global Villages Wiki.

You will notice that at the SolaRoofWiki our home page is not at [=Main/Homepage=] it is [=SolaRoof/Homepage=] which is the main section of the wiki for the building of the knowledge base - where most of the content is created. Main/ is the highest level [=WikiGroup=] within a [=PmWiki=] and it can be used more for administrative purpose. Before you go very far creating pages you might want to consider setting up [=GlobalVillages/Homepage=] as your actual homepage and point your domain name there (I don't know enough of the technicalities to be more helpful) so that visitors enter the site at this place. Then you can have a sidebar that is customized to the princilpe sections of your TOC for the [=GlobalVillages WikiGroup=] all the pages in this section will inherit this navigation sidebar.

These are just a few ideas to consider when starting up. It is great to be part of this collaboration because the implementation of villages (rural or urban) is the key to building a sustainable future! We want to get started with the smaller scale project of implementing an EcoVilla, which would be an environment for an "extended family" - a multi residence. Modules of the EcoVilla could be clustered to create and EcoVillage.

All content in this wiki is PublicDomain except as noted otherwise. Please be kind to our authors! changed: April 22, 2006