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We are beginning the condensation of Global Village Principles: the main dimensions that can help us to identify what makes a Village a Global Village

Message of Franz Nahrada on April 1, 2009 in the Global Villages mailing list:

Dear Globalvillagers,

the Oekonux conference in Manchester brought together an interesting crowd, and one of the side benefits was that people close to the Global Villages idea had the opportunity to meet for the first time and get acquainted with each others work better.

One very fine example of this is Smari McCarthy.

He describes himself as "Technologist, digital fabrication enthusiast, essayist, author, anarchist, math dude. As of May 2008, working on digital fabrication and peer-to-peer education on a remote island in the north Atlantic ocean"

In fact the island is a group of islands south of iceland, the biggest island being Heimaey, and there is a city with the same name with 4000 inhabitants.

The place is famous because in 1973 a new Volcano emerged from the seas and the city had to be evacuated. The whole city was covered with meters of black ashes but was mostly dug out again - no human being was harmed, but since then its also called the Pompeji of the North...

Its about 4 hours by boat and bus from Reykjavik.

Smari is Manager of the FabLab which is run by Nysk√∂punarmist√∂ √ćslands, the Icelandic Innovation Center. The FabLab is not a remote and closed place but intentionally open to the locals!! This is one of the finest examples of application of Global Village principles around the world. They are just starting to run a 12 unit course in Digital Fabrication at the local gymnasium (16-20 year olds in secondary schooling). So the young people can make use of hot stuff! High Tech to keep people locally based.

The fablab is well equipped:

The projects comprise housing, tools of many kinds and CAD-CAM Software.

They even support the emergence of a Fablab in Jalalabad, Afghanistan:

Another fantastic application of Global Village principles! Global Villages want to see as many other Global Villages as possible emerging on this planet, because they can then share research and development with others, besides the fact that its simply more peaceful, productive and sustainable to have the burden on cities lifted. (And there is lots of opportunity for meaningful travelling!)

So what shall I say? That we are indeed ready to sum up Global Villages, of course. There are many places in the world that could start gaining immensely from each other. So far, it was less formal, but Smari has written me an interesting challenge:

Original Message

Subject: Vestmannaeyjar as a global village

Hi Franz ,

I spoke with one of the town's head executives today about the Global Villages project when she came to pester me about something else, and she was quite interested. She wanted to know more and I told her I'd ask you for more information.

Can you provide me with some kind of background information, preferably something that "sells"... also, a list of requirements - what does a town have to *DO* to become a global village.

I think that the Hannover principles are simple enough a criteria but require explanation.

Oh, btw, you might be interested in these few features of the town:

* As I mentioned last Sunday, we're working on populating the island with electric cars * I also mentioned offsetting home heating costs using a heat pump to use ambient heat from the sea to boil water. * I didn't menion that there's a big study available on how to use runoff from the fish processing plants to produce biodiesel * The island is thoroughly documented in Wiki format (in Icelandic), with over 4000 articles and 13000 photographs covering the island's history, nature and culture. (I started this project some years ago but have since turned it over to more capable people)

- Sm√°ri

End Original Message

I answered that the Hannover principles should be a little bit extended and specified but this could really be the base of a formal campaign for communities around the world to enter and support the Global Villages Network.

So I will try to work out a catalogue of Global Village Principles and I welcome your support and cooperation!



General dimensions


  • Learning
  • Hospitality
  • Culture
  • Intentionality
  • Innovation
  • Communications
  • Ecology
  • Coworking
Questions to ask


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