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Please be aware of the change in context: I've moved this discussion from OriginsOfTheTerm -- AndriusKulikauskas

How can we document everyday activity if global villages are just emerging?

Doesn't this translate into "we need a community of global villages" ? -- Helmut Leitner

You can also call it "alliance", "association", cooperative", "commonwealth", "cluster", "league", "network" or whatever. Yes, my goal is to establish such a reality and have it span the whole world. --Franz

This gets a very complex multilingual overall structure that will not be easy to "bootstrap" and to handle. "global village alliance" sounds good. -- HelmutLeitner

In fact that was the term that I also favored. It also sounds good in German: "Allianz der Globalen Dörfer". --FranzNahrada

Is that perhaps at the heart of global villages? That you need more than one of them? I am very interested what is the key activity that makes for global villages. A helpful approach may be to list the everyday activities, that is, the recurring activities that take place in a global villages. There are not so many, perhaps several hundred, and in Christopher Alexander's thinking, they are what evoke the structures. A pattern is that combination of reenforcing structure and activity. I am surprised that Alexander did not spend more time documenting the activities, but I suppose it is because ultimately he is an architect. --AndriusKulikauskas

Andrius, I agree with you that the activities are important. But it may be difficult to start from these, because at the moment it seems a matter of Definition or taste what to call a global village and what then to observe. One would want to produce global villages and, at the same time, learn from them. A hen-and-egg problem. Alexander would want to empirically observe proven patterns. -- HelmutLeitner

I do not really feel uncomfortable with this hen-and-egg approach, it is what you could call bootstraping. We are bootstraping the GlobalVillages and the more we focus our attention on them, the richer the picture will get. Kirchbach is NOT YET a GlobalVillage, but ALREADY one because of the mindset and the plans of the core group. All we do from day to day is add activities. There is yet a critical mass to reach, but I am very surprised how many people understand the term "Global Village" as a goal-definition nowadays intuitively!! --FranzNahrada

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