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The emergence of Global Villages - rural or urban peripheral places that engage information technology as important infrastructure to foster local quality of life - provides a rich field of empirical and conceptual work on the embedding of IT in local development, future living spaces and the sustainable potential of our planet at large.

We think that conceptual and empirical research on Global Villages are an invaluable contribution to the sustainable future of rural areas, to reachieving the balance between rural and urban and to the fundamental questions of living and working in the 21st century.

Therefore we call for a Research Network which is by its very conception a global endavour. We ask our participants with academic background to bring in their institutions and we ask our members with nonformal investigatory background to bring in their efforts, too.

One of the goals of the Research Network Global Villages is to provide funding and support to sustain, further and deepen our work. We want to publically develop proposals and be open for participation of those who can contribute best.

FranzNahrada GIVE - Laboratory for Global Villages - Vienna and Kirchbach, Austria

StefanMatteikat GIVE - Institute for Integrated Society - Germany

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