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Whom Should We Engage

This is a very short extract, I have met over two thosand academics and kept their business cards that are interested in the research topics of GlobalVillages. If only some of them are supportive of our network we will have good prospects. I try to get more and more of these contacts alive in the coming days, weeks and months and I invite you to add your contacts also, describing the reason why we should try to engage them. FranzNahrada


GIVE Austria

University of Agriculture and Renewable Resources

University of Technology

University of Economics


Eric Britton, ECOPlan, Paris

Eric is an invaluable resource for many topics related to sustainability, especially when it comes to new forms of work and the impact of telematics on mobility. We worked together in the nineties on various telework issues.


GIVE Germany

Institut für Produktdauerforschung Hamburg

Institut für Wirtschaftslehre des Landbaues, TU München/Weihenstephan

Informatik Uni Leipzig

Claus Offe, Humboldt University Berlin


Gregory Zeibekakis, University of Pireus

George Kiriakidis, Science and Technology Park, Heraklion


Istvan Bessenyei, University of Western Jungary, Sopron

Laszlo Pitlik, University of Agriculture, Gödölö


Giovanni Abrami, University of Padua


Kim Veltman


Alberto Melo, University of the Algarve


David Wortley, University of...

Gary Alexander, Open University

Michael Dower, Univ. of Cheltenham, Gloucester


Richard Lowenberg, UCDavis


John Earls, Pontífica Universidad Católica del Peru.


Peter Droege, University of Sydney

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